Ulpan Balgimbayeva is a Scientific researcher ,Kazakh British Technical university,Kazakhstan

Ulpan Balgimbayeva

Scientific researcher

Organizing Committee Member


Kazakh British Technical university


Balgimbayeva Ulpan, doctoral student and scientific researcher in Kazakh British Technical university, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


Prospects of lithium extraction from natural raw materials and methods of its processing

Ways of improving the technology of processing of semi products and recycling materials of the lead production

Experimental determination of the influence of an electromagnetic field on the electrical conductivity of copper four slags

Electrochemical extraction of Pb and Zn from raw mineral materials using sulfur graphite electrode (9th International symposium on lead and zinc processing) 50th anniversary edition.


Satbayev University

Bachelor’s Degree 2013-2017

Master’s Degree 2017-2019

Kazakh British Technical university

Doctoral student 2020 to present

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