Sumitra Nain is a Associate Professor ,Banasthali University,India

Sumitra Nain

Associate Professor

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Banasthali University


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  • Small molecule synthesis and their biological evaluation.
  • Computational approaches for drug design.


  1. Conferred "100 most impactful health care leaders global listing award" at Taj lands end, Mumbai,India on 14 Feb 2019 by world health wellness Congress and awards.        
  2. Conferred “best faculty of year 2018" at ICIPMBS-208,oriental university India on 29-30 September 2018.


  1. Indian Pharmacology and Pharmacy research
  2. International Journal of current research in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences
  3. Pharma Ikon
  4. Internatinal journal of advanced multidisciplinary research
  5. Dr.BGR Publications

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