Ravi Tomar is a Senior Research Fellow,University of Delhi,India

Ravi Tomar

Senior Research Fellow

Organizing Committee Member


University of Delhi


1.    Ravi Tomar, Nidhi Singh, Neeraj Kumar, VartikaTomar, and Ramesh Chandra,(2019) Base-Free Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling in Water using Pd(OAc)2(PPh3)2 Supported on Mg(OH)2 and CeCO3OH Composite, Catal. Lett., 149(6), 1589-1594.
2.    Ravi Tomar, KohkiEbitani and Ramesh Chandra, (2019)Hydrotalcite supported Ceria Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalyst for direct imine formation from alcohols in Air, ChemistrySelect,4(12), 3577-3581.
3.    Ravi Tomar,Garima Rathee, Ishita Chandra, Neeraj Kumar, VartikaTomar, and Ramesh Chandra (2018), Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Hydroxide & Cerium Oxide Composite: Application in Organic Transformation, ChemistrySelect, 3, 1645– 1649.
4.    Ravi Tomar,AshwetaSahni, VartikaTomar, and Ramesh Chandra (2018), A Chemical Approach Towards An Innovative Anti-Cancer Drug: Noscapine And its Analogues, Mini rev. org. chem., 15(5), 345-363
5.    Ravi Tomar,Nidhi Singh, Garima Rathee, Neeraj Kumar, VartikaTomar, Ramesh Chandra (2017), Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Mg(OH)2/CeCO3OH Composite with Improved Activity Towards Henry Reaction, Asian J. Org. Chem., 6, 1728 -1732.
6.    Ravi Tomar,JatinSharma ,Shun Nishimura,  KohkiEbitani(2016) Aqueous Oxidation of Sugars into Sugar Acids Using Hydrotalcite-supported Gold Nanoparticle Catalyst under   Atmospheric Molecular Oxygen, Chem. Lett., 45,843-845 (Highlighted in SYNFACTS 2016, 12, 1096)
7.    Neeraj Kumar, HeerakChugh, DaminiSood, Ravi Tomar, VartikaTomar, Brijesh Rathi, Ramesh Chandra,  Biology of Heme: Drug Interactions and Adverse Drug Reactions with CYP450, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry,18(23), 2042-2055.
8.    Neeraj kumar, HeerakChugh, Ravi Tomar, VartikaTomar, Vimal Kishor Singh, Ramesh Chandra (2018), Exploring the interplay between autoimmunity and cancer to find the target therapeutic hotspots, Artif. Cells Nanomed. Biotechnol.,46 (4), 658-668
9.    Neeraj Kumar, Ravi Tomar, Apurva Pandey, VartikaTomar, Vimal Kishor Singh and Ramesh Chandra (2017), Preclinical evaluation and molecular docking of 1,3-benzodioxole propargyl ether derivatives as novel inhibitor for combating the histone deacetylase enzyme in cancer,Artif. Cells Nanomed. Biotechnol., 46(6), 1288-1299.
10.    Kapil Arya, Ravi Tomar(2015), Microporous zeolite catalyst system: an eco-approach for regioselective synthesis of pyrimidobenzimidazoles, Res. Chem. Intermediat., 41, 3389-3400.
11.    Kapil Arya ,Ravi Tomar,Diwan Singh Rawat (2014), Greener synthesis and photo-antiproliferative activity of novel fluorinated benzothiazolo [2, 3-b] quinazolines, Med. Chem. Res., 23, 896-904,  
12.    Ravi Tomar, Natasha Rana, Shivangi Chugh, VartikaTomar and Ramesh Chandra, Discovery, Isolation, Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Englerin A, B and its analogues, ChemistryOpen (Communicated).
13.    VartikaTomar, Neerupma Dhiman, Ravi Tomar, Neeraj Kumar, Satya Prakash, Jitender Madan,ShrikantKukreti and Ramesh Chandra, Noscapine 9-hydroxy methyl and 9-carbaldehyde oxime analogues:  As potential anticancer agents,  Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Under review)
14.    Neeraj Kumar, Aditya Gupta, DaminiSood, Ravi Tomar, VartikaTomar, Meena Kishore Sakharkar, Ramesh Chandra, Identification of a novel MAGE-A11 antigenic peptide presented by HLA-A*0201 using immunoinformatics and structural biology approach immunologic(Submitted)