Dr. Srinath Pashikanti is a Assistant Professor,Idaho State University,USA

Dr. Srinath Pashikanti

Assistant Professor

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Idaho State University


Dr. Pashikanti has an MS degree in Chemistry & Biochemistry from South Dakota State University, an MS and Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from The University of Kansas. Pashikanti Lab utilizes organic chemistry towards synthesis of cell permeable medicinally active analogs. He is an assistant professor in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, College of Pharmacy - Kasiska Division of Health Sciences, Idaho State University. He is actively involved in mentoring graduate and professional pharmacy students. His didactics include Principles of Drug Design and Drug Action, Physicochemical Basis of Drug Action, Principles of Biopharmaceutical Analysis, Advanced Organic Synthesis, Dissertation Research, Thesis Research, Independent Problems in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Science Research.


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June 2014 The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy – KU Dec 2011 The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. M.S. Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy – KU Dec 2007 M.S. Chemistry & Biochemistry, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD


Our current efforts are aimed to develop, synthesize and screen small molecules in targeting ceramide metabolizing enzymes. Ceramide is a bioactive sphingolipid that exhibits anticancer properties in cancer cells. Strategies aimed at increasing the cellular ceramide induce apoptosis in cancer cells. To complement our synthetic efforts, we utilize tools for protein biochemistry to perform in vitro experiments and cell-based assays in determining the biological activity of these analogs in a structure-activity relationship model.


2013 Graduate Scholarly Presentation Travel Award, The University of Kansas. 2010 – ‘13 Graduate Teaching Assistantship, School of Pharmacy & Chemistry Department, The University of Kansas. 2009 Graduate Research Assistantship, School of Pharmacy, The University of Jan – May Kansas. 2008 Graduate Research Assistantship, Biophotonics Lab, South Dakota State University, SD. (PI : Dr. Youngjae You). 2007 Graduate Travel Award, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, South Dakota State University. 2005 – ’07 Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship, South Dakota State University. 2005 Excellent Employee Awardee, Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory, GVK Biosciences, India (Number of employees ~ 300) 2004 Intellectual Property Right Quiz Competition, Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Center, India. 2002 Lecturership Awardee, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, University Grants Commission, India.


Sphingolipids Biological Relevance


2014 – present Editorial Board Member, Cogent Chemistry (Open access) 2015 – present Editorial Board Member, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (Open access)

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