Lucia Alvarado  is a Professor ,University of Guanajuato,Mexico

Lucia Alvarado




University of Guanajuato


Lucia Alvarado has her expertise in Electrochemical Separation Systems which as Electrodialysis and Electrodeionization and green chemistry.  She had contribute in works testing and characterizing new carbon materials and nanomaterials.  The main research is designing treatment systems to remove metallic ions from wastewater and getting pure water. Currently, her adscription is as full professor in Guanajuato University, Mex., Department of Mine Engineering, Metallurgy and Geology. She is active member in the International Society of Electrochemistry and has been reviewer for Elsevier: Electrochimica Acta and Separation and Purification Technology, also reviewer of some projects for the National Council of Science of Technology in Mexico.


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07/2009 PhD Mineral Engineering, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
7/2005 Master in Electrochemistry, Centre of Research and Technological Development of Electrochemistry, S. C., (CIDETEQ). Qro., Mexico.
06/2001 B. S. Chemical Engineering, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico.


Electrochemical Engineering, Electrodeionization, Electrodialysis, Ion Exchange, Electrosorption, Capacitive Deionization 


2016-2019 National Researcher Level 1, National System of Researchers, Mexico.    
2017  Projects Reviewer, National Council of Science and Technology, CONACYT, Mexico.
2016-2017 Reviewer, Elsevier
2010  Best Doctoral Thesis of Electrochemistry Award by National Society of Electrochemistry, Mexico.
2006  Best Master Thesis of Electrochemistry Award by National Society of Electrochemistry, Mexico.